Your top fashion hacks

I love sharing my favorite shortcuts so I decided to shift gears and expose some of the fashion hacks that I’ve been stashing away for years. I also reached out to different stylists, for their expert advice on all things wardrobe-related.

These are some of the most popular fashion hacks that will help you get organized and save time.

1-Shave Your Clothes When They Shed Threads 

You can prevent pilling simply by turning your clothes inside out before washing them. This method will leave them feeling soft and prevent excessive damage to the fibers and actually remove all the dirt from your clothes. It is also best to avoid using harsh detergents as they can create friction on the clothes. When it comes to drying, try to hang it on the line and avoid using a machine dryer.

A lint roller is also a great way to prevent the accumulation of fibers on other clothes. This technique is also a great and tested way to pick up pieces of fabric that have detached from the clothes. It can be used on various occasions and can prevent the shedding of other clothes by running a roller over an item of clothing. keygen corel x9 download

And you can also get rid of the wool or thread around the clothes by shaving it using a shaving stick or by using a razor. So, don’t dump anything that can be seen around it because everything can be fixed. 

2- Run a candle on your zipper 

Never let a broken zipper stop you from wearing an item or be the reason to change your outfit. There are a lot of simple solutions to fix it yourself and it can be very easy and a lot of fun. You just need a little patience.

If the slider doesn’t move, it could be because something is stuck in the teeth, most likely fabric. You have to turn your clothing or bag inside out, follow the directions of the zipper lines to see if there is any fabric that can be pulled away. A pair of tweezers is also a good idea if you don’t have a good hold on the piece of fabric. This is the easiest and most common cause of this issue.

Now if it’s still stuck, bring a candle and work along with the zipper teeth by rubbing the candle on it but try not to touch the fabric. When it’s done, run the zipper back and forwards a couple of times and Ta Da your zipper is sliding and running easier than before.

3- Use a Hair Straightener

Since I’m the type of people who usually avoid walking around with a wrinkled shirt, I’m glad that a hair straightener is handy to keep my clothes in place. It’s a make-shift steamer that can help straighten out different clothes.

Before using the hair straightener, make sure the plates are clean to avoid staining the clothes. And if the clothes are iron-safe, set the flat iron at a low setting. Then, carefully place the items between the plates and straighten them until they’re in place.

The use of a hair straightener can help remove and get rid of little wrinkles.

It’s also important to avoid using too much heat to prevent buildup. So keep an eye on the temperature settings, if the fabrics are thick then use a high heat, however, if the fabrics are light and thin use low heat. 

4- Try banana peels on your shoes

It’s been a while since you wore your favorite leather shoes. Since they’re in the back of your closet – because obviously we were in a global pandemic and chances to wear leather shoes are 0 – they tend to look a little dusty and dull. Fortunately, there are some simple and effective ways to get them back to their original shine. One of them is BANANA.

Aside from being good for keeping the skin hydrated, bananas are also good at cleaning and polishing leather. They’re naturally filled with potassium. This is why they’re such a great alternative to shoe polish.

According to scientists, the potassium and natural oils in bananas help nourish the leather and extend its longevity. Once you’ve used the peel on the shoes, apply a soft cloth to the shoes and give the finishing touches to the shoes.

5- Apply lemon for the brown circles 

If you’re avoiding white clothes due to fear of staining them, there are some simple steps to help avoid doing that. If you’re having a hard time finding the solution to this laundry dilemma, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up with a stain that can’t be erased.

Although it’s hard to remove stains from a white shirt, there are some simple and effective steps that can help you get rid of them. These tips were provided by Branch Basics‘ co-founder and cleaning expert Marilee Nelson.

Aside from washing it, Nelson also suggests using a light-colored liquid such as Lemon juice to remove the stains: rub the lemon juice over the stain and after 30 minutes rinse it well and wash it in your washing machine as usual Then, dry it in the sun and wash it with bleach. Be careful not to use too much lemon on delicate fabrics such as silk.

6- Blow-dry your shoes if they are tight

Ever go to a store and find a pair of shoes that are half a size too small but you LOVED THEM? Usually, we buy them and suffer through wearing these shoes for a night before they are shelved in our closet to gather dust and the next day, we look in their direction and scream about how they will burn before we want to wear them again.

Don’t worry! you don’t have to wear a small pair of shoes ever again!

Take your blow dryer and blow dry the inside of these shoes at medium heat for 30 seconds around the tight areas. Do not let the machine sit on the leather, as it will probably damage the shoes (keep it 2 inches away) and then put on a pair of thick, fuzzy socks and put your shoes on. One foot goes first, then the other one. Walk around the house for about 10 minutes. Finally, take off your socks and slip them into the new, properly sized shoe.

7- Roll don’t fold when packing 

After a long day of traveling, you finally open your luggage and find that there are wrinkles on some of your clothes. This is a common issue faced by travelers. Don’t panic, been there and done that.

There are ways to pack clothes that are wrinkle-free such as rolling!

The cardinal rule to wrinkle-free clothes is to roll them instead of folding them. This method saves you precious packing space and avoids getting into those hard edges that can cause wrinkles.

To keep your rolled clothes organized and wrinkle-free (obviously), stick your clothes into packing cubes. These are small pouches that are ideal for holding clothes such as shirts, t-shirts, and socks. They come in different sizes and are designed to keep your clothes organized.

8- Use clear nail polish for your buttons 

You probably bought a new shirt that is great looking, then noticed that the buttons started to unravel.

You can prevent this by covering the buttons with clear nail polish. This will help prevent the threads from breaking.

Although it’s possible to resew the buttons and it’s a good solution, finding the exact matching thread color may be difficult and it might be time consuming. Instead, apply a coat of clear nail polish to the threads and prevent their unraveling. Easy. 

9- Dry Sponge for Deodorant Stains

You want to keep your body odor at bay, but then suddenly notice that the deodorant stain on your shirt. This is totally fine, as long as the smell is still there.

To solve this issue try using a sponge.

Dry sponges are great for quickly removing stains from clothes. It’s very easy, make sure that your sponge is clean enough and just scrub the stained area. They can also be used on dry or damp clothes. If the stains are especially stubborn, try Casabella‘s microfiber sponges. 

10- Stop your tights from laddering with nail polish 

It doesn’t matter if your sunglasses are new or old, when your sunglasses no longer fit your face, you put them in the trash can, right?

Well, what if I told you that you can fix your glasses by yourself in just 2 minutes?

Here’s the way, put a coat of nail polish on the screws to keep them from loosening. After removing the screw, paint it with the polish and then screw it back in. This will keep the screws in place for a long time. 

These 10 fashion hacks will always help keep your wardrobe organized and ready to go when something bad is going to happen to you. They’ll also keep you from constantly swapping out your clothes. 

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