Saudi Fashion Influencer Advice: How to define your style with these simple 7 steps

I love fashion trends so much, but I do not adopt every one of them. Do you know why? Because some trends do not go with my style. During my modelling career, I learned that a person’s style is their fashion identity and what makes them stand out in a crowd of fashionable people. If you struggle to define your style, I bring you 7 simple steps to help you do so.

Find your inspiration:

Find people with a fashion sense you’d like to have

Magazines, TV, social media, and others are a great way to find fashion inspiration. For most people, it is not one person’s style that defines theirs, but a mixture of 2 or 3 icons. Whether you are inspired by Selena Gomez, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid or by a fashion brand, make sure you identify your source of inspiration. Keep an eye on it, and soon you’ll find yourself taking the proper steps to elevate your style.

Add labels to their looks

Once you start seeing many looks that inspire you by the same person, you can label them as bohemian, classic, eclectic, modern, or others. Doing so will help you describe your style and do further research to define it. 

Start applying:

Keep pictures of your most successful looks

Once you’ve found your inspiration and labelled your style, you are ready to start trying out pieces. Take lots of pictures to remember your choices, and maybe post one or two on social media. In the end, a triumphant look makes for a successful post! Once you are impressed by your look and you think to yourself “I will definitely wear it another time”, then this is a sign that you need to document this successful fashion moment.

Pick a signature piece

All fashion icons have signature pieces. Take Jackie O., for example; you always see her in her oversized sunglasses. Whether you are trying to become a fashion icon or not, a signature piece will help you look unique! I have a few signature pieces that I love to include in most of my looks; one of them is a small or medium-sized bag that matches my outfit. What is yours?

Do some cleaning:

Notice the pieces you repeatedly have and the ones that do not fit your style

Once you start knowing what fits your style, it is time to look for repeated and odd pieces. Repeated pieces are somewhat pieces you love and can’t live without. While odd pieces are the ones that you thought you liked but it turned out that they’re not suitable for your style. Please get rid of them!

Pay attention to people’s compliments

What do people compliment you for the most? Is it your choice of sandals, dresses, bags, etc.? These compliments will help you know what is working well for you and what is not. 

Add the cherry on top:

Don’t forget to accessorize accordingly

Your style is now almost defined. To spice it up a little bit, chose the accessories that work well with it. This will improve your look and help your style stand out, and make you noticeable.